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Monday, December 13, 2010

Texas Hold Dee's Nuts!

I played poker (Texas Hold 'Em) Friday night with the boys...finished 6th out of 16. I went all in on three 7's and got trounced by three 8's! argh! The guy had pocket 8's and I had pocket 7's. Got the third 7 on the flop, he got his third 8 on the turn. I had 2 guys in all in with me (i was the tournament chip leader at the time) and the low man of the three of us won with the three 8's. I couldn't recover after that. Got bullied around and never saw many good cards after that. My moral was toast. The crap of it is, if i'd taken it, I would have taken them both out and we would've been down to the final four all take home money. Three 8's over three 7's! It doesn't hurt more than that. At least I didn't go out on an Ace high or some crud like that. I played well overall, but got a little too big for my britches as they say. I stick to Craps in, I love Craps.

Ashlee Simpson can't catch a break and I'm not about to give her one either...sign a petition to get her to stop the madness here. She's lame-O-rama!

Seven, Seven-Eleven...back do' Little Joe!


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