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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tegan and Sara

So today I was looking at the UK import release of The Bravery's Unconditional EP on Amazon and I always like to check out the other artist that people buy who also buy the artist we mutaully The Bravery. Soooo, I stumbled upon Tegan and Sara - Identical twin lesbian music artists...wha...huh?! Anyway, here's a review that's pretty dead on. See, Ol' Dodge doesn't even try to do reviews and sound smarter than he is. He let's people smarter than he is do that:

Three albums into Tegan & Sara's career, it's still somehow necessary to get a couple of facts about them out of the way before diving into their latest offering. They are, yes, identical twin lesbians, and they do occupy the space--more like a vacuum, really--between the riot-grrl menace of Sleater-Kinney and the un-fun folk of Indigo Girls. That out of the way, So Jealous is the duo's best disc yet, meriting more than the mainstream notice that has so far evaded it. All the components are in place: a beyond synthy, full-throttle band, including John Collins and David Carswell of New Pornographers, and songwriting so honest as to make a person--any person--check to make sure no one has been snooping in her diary ("I won't mistake you for problems with me/I won't let my moods ruin this you'll see," from "I Won't Be Left"). The vibe is early-80s pop-punky (Tegan & Sara's singing can sound like Missing Persons' minus the squeals) spiked with a rock'n'roll edge--if the title track were noisier, it might sound at home on a Yeah Yeah Yeahs disc. Destined for hugeness, if only in indie circles for now, Tegan & Sara provide something crucial for pop princesses to be So Jealous of, and that's genuine talent


Anonymous said...

This is an old review. Tegan and Sara have released two more records since 2005's So Jealous: The Con, and Sainthood. All three of these records are addicting by the way! Listen on repeat!

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