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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend wrap-up and Eviltjuh's Warez

So this weekend was low-key...went to Complexions on friday night. It was a great performance. The first act was not nearly as strong as the second and third however. The dancing was beautiful and the music in the second and third act was outstanding. A really nice night with the wife.

Stayed in Saturday night as the wife went out with her brother and some friends. I was tired and grouchy and didn't feel like drinking. Played some PS2 and went to bed. Old and boring.

Sunday was running errands and cleaning up around the house...I'm now old, boring and domesticated I guess. Going out with friends tonight though, so I'll try to make up for 2 boring days in a row.

Eviltjuh's Warez has been busy...Notebly, they have posted to Death Cab For Cutie's Photo Album and Transatlantism as well as Coldplay's Parachutes.

They provided the links to our suck contest in my first post today as well.


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