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Monday, December 13, 2010

HoYay! Rock Snob HoYay!

So, Rock Snob who makes me giggle like a little girl with the articles she finds, gave Dodge some love today. I very much appreciate that.

Case in point - Rock Snob's links to all the O.C. "HoYay!" banter going on on the web and in the media.

It's great how the media is taking so many of it's leads now from bloggers. It's like every article I read these days references a blog or terms, rumors and talk originated in the blogsphere...but then again, i read a lot of crap, and crap, as we know is all over the blogsphere. That makes me laugh. Crap is cool.

Like I said before I love the freaking O.C.! It's like I'm 12 again and it's 90210, but so much better. I mean 90210 was terrible and great all at same time...mostly terrible...and actually, the O.C. is just great. I mean, good freaking TV. It pisses me off and makes me happy all at once. Why didn't I grow up in Newport Beach?...damn!

Alex and Marissa - Ol' Dodge is droolin' like a dirty old man. I can't wait for next Thurday's letdown.


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