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Monday, December 13, 2010

VHS or Beta @ the Bluebird

Louisville band VHS or Beta who has been opening for the Scissor Sisters here and there will be in Bloomington, IN at The Bluebird this Thursday. Dodge and his lovely wife, who turned him on to VHS or Beta, will be in attendance. VHS or Beta is heavily influenced by Duran Duran and will rock your socks off and get your ass shaking. If any of you local area cool kids are interested, give Dodge a call.

For those of you in or near the 'Nati, they will be at the Alchemmize on the 12th, this Saturday. Moreover, for our Knoxville, TN area readers, you can see them at Blue Cat's on the 13th. These guys are a must see.

VHS or Beta's first album, Le Funk, is mostly disco funk instrumental and is quite good to just sit back and jam to, but their latest release, "Night On Fire" rocks. The title track is quite excellent. Here are a couple free mp3s here and here off their first release "Le Funk".

we'll light this night on fire...


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