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Monday, December 13, 2010

Eddie Izzard...He shoots, he scores!

Comedian Eddie Izzard is one talented transvestite...a self-titled Executive Transvestite actually...All I care is he makes me pee my pants, and not by choice either. Most of his performances are available on DVD. So buy one and laugh. I recommend Dress to Kill, but Glorious is a gut buster too.

You can also find 4 of his performances on mp3 here

I'm a big sports fan. I love college basketball and I love baseball, but this is the worst thing I've read in a while related to sports. Where's the freaking fun in that! Terrible. 2004 wasn't a great year for sport other than the Red Sox winning the World Series, but I hate the Red Sox as a whole, so for me, 2004 was a bad year for sport. I won't really expand on this, as I don't care enough to, but i just think it was a crappy year for sport. Last year's Red Sox team was pretty likable though...Ol' Dodge didn't shower or bathe once for 3 months, so he can get down with a bunch of scrubby, scruffy, dirty dudes kicking Yankee ass, but really that's mainly because I hate the Yankees twice as much as I hate the Red Sox. I'm a National League guy though, so I was pulling for the Cardinals after my favorite team, The Dodgers, were eliminated by the Cards to start the MLB Playoffs.

Dodge's Favorite Sports Teams
University of Kentucky Wildcats
Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Dodgers
Indiana Pacers

I hate watching hockey so no favorite there, but I think I would have loved to play hockey.

Play Ball!


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