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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dream a little dream...VHS or Beta

Thanks to Alan at Sixeyes and Herr K at Totally Fuzzy for the encouragement and kind guys have sites i really enjoy. very cool.

so, dreams are a funny thing. i write mine down every morning if i can remember them. last night I had a dream that I was hanging out on some college campus with my best friend from middle, high school and college, J. we had a room full of free weights, we were training for something i guess...we grabbed a couple each and walked over to some enormous training facility. it turned out to be a FBI entrance testing facility. so, our girlfriends met us their and we all got ready to take the test. my girlfriend, michelle rodriguez (huh!?), of "Fast & Furious" and "SWAT" fame was the front-runner to make it in. There were 6 tests set up and they were really bizarre...obviously because my weirdo sleeping brain was thinking them up. I don't remember the tests really well other than they made no sense in relation to skills one would need to get into the was they (the FBI agents administering the test) would post a picture on a wall and then you would have to find a daisy in an indoor man-made field of daisies that best related to what that picture was. huh? anyway, i guess i cruised through that, because i found myself at the final test with michelle. ok, this is dumb, but i'll keep going. there were two had a half canned peach topped with cottage cheese (that's how we do it in KY) and the other had cottage cheese wrapped in another plate like a burrito, both plates were lined with wrapped candy (Twix & Snickers). The test was to write down the differences in the 2 "prepared meals" aside from the obvious. Aside from the obvious? What the crap does that mean? Anyway, i guess michelle tried to confuse me, but somehow i came up with the correct answer and was accepted into the FBI. ooooook. what's up with my girlfriend, michelle rodriguez, trying to confuse me on the final test?! what a bizo.

Hey, check out VHS or BETA. They are from Louisville, KY and have been opening for the Scissor Sisters lately. Their first album, Le Funk, is mostly instrumental, but their latest release, "Night On Fire" rocks. The title track is quite excellent. Here are a couple free mp3s off their first release "Le Funk".

Boogie Oogie!


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