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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Arrested Development & The Contender: Update

Season 1 DVD

So my girl D is all up in arms about FOX actually considering NOT renewing Arrested Development next season. She thinks this is a ridiculous notion and Dodge agrees. I've heard the grumblings before, but figured it was just silly talk...maybe not. She sent me this website: and says to go to the site, where you
can pledge to watch the show in hopes of saving it. There are some reallyfunny clips that have never been seen before, as well.

Tarick OUT!

So Juan had just enough in the tank this week on The Contender to knock Tarick out of the competition with a 5 round decision. Tarick had a lot of heart, but three years of "ring rust" were evident as Tarick ran out of gas by round 3. Juan wasn't nearly as impressive as I thought he might be, flailing around with wild bombs that seldom landed effectively. It was enough as he survived and advanced. Tarick was all class in the loss.


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