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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wired CD & More...

Get the Wired Mix CD - it's in a zip file, so you'll have to unzip it after downloading it. Here's the track listing:

1. Beastie Boys / Now Get Busy
2. David Byrne / My Fair Lady
3. Zap Mama / Wadidyusay?
4. My Morning Jacket / One Big Holiday
5. Spoon / Revenge!
6. Gilberto Gil / Oslodum
7. Dan the Automator / Relaxation Spa Treatment
8. Thievery Corporation / DC 3000
9. Le Tigre / Fake French
10. Paul Westerberg / Looking Up in Heaven
11. Chuck D with Fine Arts Militia / No Meaning No
12. The Rapture / Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix)
13. Cornelius / Wataridori 2
14. Danger Mouse & Jemini / What U Sittin' On? (starring Cee Lo and Tha Alkaholiks)
15. DJ Dolores / Oslodum 2004 (includes (cc) sample of "Oslodum" by Gilberto Gil)
16. Matmos / Action at a Distance

It's got Chuck D on it and anything with Chuck D is f'ing sweet. That guy has the best voice. If I had to choose one guys voice to have, it would be Chuck D. Seriously, Public Enemy changed my life. I know I'm a white boy and all that, but those guys had a real message and I got it is all I'm saying. I didn't live it, so I don't really comprehend in that manner, but I understand and appreciate it.

Dodge and pal El Toro went to Budweiser Fight Night boxing last night at The Pepsi Colliseum and watched dudes and chicks beat each other into submission. It was great. Dodge is a lova of the "Sweet Science".

Never talked about The L Word or Carnivale this week, but both were good...actually Carnivale was great, L Word was ok. The new opening to L Word is terrible...I hate it. Deadwood starts this Sunday, so Dodge is eagerly awaiting that.

He's also happy DVR will be hooked up today! Hell mutha f'ing yes. DVR is also life changing, I swear.


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