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Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garrett Hedlund performing Chances Are – Country Strong Preview

Garrett Hedlund performing Chances Are in a preview clip from the upcoming movie, Country Strong.

Country Strong is set to open in a limited number of theaters on December 22, 2010 and then everywhere on January 7, 2011.

Find out full details on the movie’s official site:

Games – “Strawberry Skies” (Feat. Laurel Halo) Video, Hudson Mohawke Remix

Director Josef Kraska knows his 120 Minutes. His video for “Strawberry Skies,” Games’ Laurel Halo-guesting That We Can Play track, burrows into the ’80s at 3AM — a space Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford inhabit regularly, at least in spirit — fixates on the song’s “call me up” line,” and stays there until you can almost smell the Aquanet.

Here’s a slightly darker, grimier remix by Glasgow’s Hudson Mohawke.

The Beets – “Time Brought Age” (Stereogum Premiere)

The Beets, the Jackson Heights (via Uruguay) project of Juan Wauters, seem to show-up on more Brooklyn DIY bills than any other band I can think of … fitting for a group that remind me an older, grittier, less guarded NYC. I’ve seen folks reference the Ramones (maybe because they’re from Queens?), but I’m more reminded of Shimmy Disc via Uncle Wiggly, Fly Ashtray, etc. and the warping, quietly imploding ’60s-referencing pop stuff that might show up on a vintage Chemical Imbalance compilation (Thinking Fellers on their best behavior, et al). Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere recorded these two new tracks for the “Time Brought Age” 7″. Crystal Stilts’ JB Townsend mixed. The laconic A-Side features 12-string guitar, keyboards, tambourine, recorder, and a hazy urban pastoral feel. (They re-enter the garage for the 2-minute B-Side.) Someone makes a reference to the Stones’ Between The Buttons in the release’s press materials: Why not sync with the band’s humor (see Jagger-nodding cover), go for some version of the bad Beetween The Buttons pun, and call it a day? Listen:

Are the Zooey Deschanel nudes 'real' or 'fakes'?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

The Explorer's Club and more...

Well, the Andrew Bird show last night was a bust, but not a complete bust. The last of the tickets sold to the kids directly in front of us in line, so we didn't see the show...mainly because we didn't feel much like paying the scalper's premiums. But...MJ and I had a great evening of drinking with Eric of Marathon Packs. Can't say enough good things about this guy. A real music historian and scholar, and an excellent guy to boot. Hopefully, the first of many good nights with time we'll try to actually see a show.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and we're just kickin' back watching Arena Football, snowboarding and the NBDL to get psyched up...riiiight. Oh, and last night's SNL. Prince was pretty solid...the skits were not. I'm debating skipping the Super Bowl all together and checking out She Want's Revenge at The Melody Inn tonight. Are they worth it? Is that basphemy? I'm just kinda in a Super Bowl slump.

Maybe we should try some 60's style/Beach Boys-esque pop goodness to put us in a shiny mood. The Explorer's Club sound like Southern California psyche-pop harmonists, but actually hail from the opposite coast in South Carolina. These Beatles/Beach Boys/Zombies sounds are nothing new or groud-breaking, but these songs and sounds still transcend all ages and ears and are universally enjoyable.

The Explorer's Club - Priscilla
The Explorer's Club - I Lost My Head (Demo)

A couple bands the other blogs are blogging about (see YANP for more):
The Melody Function were formed on a hot Kentucky night in the fall of 2004 over large amounts of Budweiser and Beamish and a love for indie music. The sound of this 3-piece outfit fuses elements of psychedelic mod rock with twee and pop "Yeh-Yeh". Lots of good indie bands and tunes coming out of Kentucky these days kids, sit up and listen.

The Melody Function - Roucoulement
The Melody Function - She Goes

Here's another band getting some pub at YANP & Rock Insider...Cold War Kids. Cold War Kids' MySpace. They are from the LA/OC area and have been described as "a distinct blend of Velvet Underground, Walkmen, and Television with some Jack White esque vocal tone."

Cold War Kids - The Soloist In The Living Room
Cold War Kids - Heavy Boots

Hotel Lights - S/T

Darren Jessee started Hotel Lights after many years of writing songs, playing drums and touring with Ben Folds Five. Darren co-wrote Brick and Song For The Dumped. After leaving the now-famous pop group, Jessee moved from North Carolina to New York City and quietly played solo shows around town for a while.

After toiling around without much happening, he moved back to NC to put together his ideal band: former Archers of Loaf drummer Mark Price, Roger Gupton (bass, vocals), and Chris Badger (keyboards, guitar). They took their time arranging and rehearsing, eventually recording at the Sound of Music in Virginia, with producer and guitarist Al Weatherhead, now a full-time member of the band. Adam Scheslinger, of Fountains Of Wayne, also helped out on some of the arrangements.

Jessee has the genealogy, as Fold's influence is highly apparent. This is a very good album and very reminiscent of BF5 early work.

For fans of The Shins, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens & Ben Folds. Hotel Light's MySpace. This new record was released by Bar-None Records. Hotel Lights will be playing the Bar/None Records night at SXSW on friday March 17th @ 11:00 pm.

Hotel Lights - A.M. Slow Golden Hit
Hotel Lights - Marvelous Truth
Hotel Lights - Small Town Shit

Internet Radio News: WOXY
I was supposed to post on this yesterday as MJ was like, "This is big news, you better let the peeps know!" I forgot, and furthermore, I think it's really sad news. Moreover, I hope you support them if you are a WOXY listener. Yesterday the online internet station,, announced that they are going listener supported.

WOXY says that they want to keep providing the best in new music while at the same time running an honest business (ie: providing health benefits to employees, paying royalties, handle the cost of reliable streaming, and filing taxes). At the same time advertisers do not have a steady grasp on who’s listening when and who the audience is, regardless of the fact that they are intrigued with the idea of it all. In short, they aren’t willing to pour in tons of ad sales money.

For the price of $9.95 a month the station will offer the premium service for 24-hour, true broadband, CD-quality streams. They will also offer subscribers special perks down the line. In the meantime, until February 13 that is, they are leaving their 64 kbps streams running. For people that do not subscribe to the station, they will continue to offer a low bandwidth stream for free. On March 6, WOXY said that they will evaluate how things are going and take things from there. For more info, go here. Copy is via Erin Chandler from Tripwire.

Chris Mills - The Wall To Wall Sessions

Chris Mills is a highly-praised and well-respected Chicago singer/songwriter who is now based in NYC. Despite this praise, he's still remained in relative obscurity to the general public. Maybe if word gets out on this latest (Oct. '05) effort that will change.

Mills really pushed himself in new and different directions on his 4th (full) and latest album, The Wall To Wall Sessions. It's being praised as his finest effort to date. He's added horns and strings to create an orchestral pop sound crossed with his all ready enjoyable alt-country/americana stylings...the songs have a previously unexplored depth to them. Instead of laboring over the process, tracking each instrument for months and cleaning up everything during mixing, Mills rehearsed and recorded the album in only two-and-a-half days, capturing everything live on a two-track tape machine - no overdubs.

"If you listen to old Atlantic R & B from the 50s, even the early Elvis records, they just sound good," Mills says. "It's only a couple mikes and a couple guys in a room -- a really rudimentary recording setup. The vocals distort and overdrive and everything -- and that's the take they keep. Whereas today, somebody would go into Pro Tools and redraw the shape of a wave form to take the distortion out. I just wanted to go in the complete opposite direction from that." - Chris Mills

Mills is joined by musicians who have worked with Wilco, Sea and Cake, Giant Sand and Head of Femur (singers Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor lend excellent vocal support as well), but it's Mills' vision and songwriting that is the heart of the project. His friend, David Nagler's arrangements have also been highly praised. This is the first time Mills has given up control of the arrangements and he has said that he is very happy he did.

For fans of Jeff Tweedy, Ryan Adams, Flaming Lips, Phil Spector & Elvis Costello. This record was released on Mill's own label, Powerless Pop Records. Chris Mills' MySpace.

Chris Mills - Escape From New York
Chris Mills - You Are My Favorite Song

"...Chris Mills has made something approaching a perfect Chris Mills album, and on this evidence, he stands a fighting chance of eclipsing the likes of Workman and Coyne, artists who he has covered, yet whom he may turn out to be rather better than. Mills has moved into the front rank of today’s best music makers of all stripes and shades - this record deserves critical plaudits and a huge audience." -

Maximo Park 7" Contest and BS Contest Winner + lots more...

From Newcastle, UK come the power-pop kids of Maximo Park. You wanna win one of these 7 inchers, shoot me an email at dodge77(at)gmail(dot)com with Maximo 7 Park in the email header. You'll need to opt-out in your email if you don't want to be put on the band's mailing list.

Grand Prize: Limited Edition Orange Vinyl; Contains Brand New Track - My Life in Reverse
First Prize: Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl; Contains Brand New
Track - Isolation, as well as Live in Japan version of Apply Some Pressure.

Maximo Park - Isolation (Highly Rec'd!)
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Maximo Park - My Life In Reverse

Belle & Sebastian Contest Winner:
Well no one ever likes who I pick, but the Belle and Sebastian Contest winner is Poker who chose Hawk & Animal as his best tandem. See, he tugged at my heartstrings with that one. My older brother Chris and I used to pretend we were Hawk & Animal when I was like 10 years old. It was awesome. He'd kick my ass all over the living room, but I didn't care because he wanted me to be part of The Road Warriors with him. I always had to be Hawk, which was fine, but Animal was really the major badass. I always wanted to be one of them for Halloween, I may have to do that this year. I think it was just that we loved face paint. The Ultimate Warrior was another face-painted wrestler we loved. Maybe there is some psychology in that...paint and can imagine yourself behind that paint, as a kid, you know? Anyway, congrats Poker, contact me by email with your address.

Band News:

Check out Dave McGraw, who recently released his debut cd, Northwest Southwest, and is beginning to tour around the southwest. Dave's MySpace.

Dave McGraw - Chihuahua
Dave McGraw - Bellingham

Dave recorded the album at home, outside of Flagstaff, AZ and it's a pretty strong debut of acoustic singer/songwriter tunes. He's on Pool Or Pond Records.

Cat Power's viddy for Living Proof.

Destroyer is still getting a lot of love, but I'm kinda inbetween on what I've heard from this album - which is why you haven't heard me say much about it until now. I got another email about it yesterday, so I figured I'd give it a mention. It get released Feb. 21st.

Destroyer - European Oils

In The Blogs:
Scenestars has some Knife up and I knows you ain't got it. Well, you might, but if you don't, go check it out.

Casey of Mocking Music has a good post up about married indie duos you should check out.

My man Rich, who used to send me all sorts of awesome music and news, went and started his own blog, so obviously I'm totally pissed at him. Now he'll be posting all of it and sending none of it to me! Bastard. Eh well, you must check him out because seriously, he's sent me a lot of good stuff (esp. live shows) over the last year. Check out Cable & Tweed.

Dan and the Music Glob need to be checked out. He posted on Kelpie, who also contacted me and every other blog on the planet it looks like.

Super Bowl:
Who you got?! I'm going with the Steelers in a really close game. Like 4th quarter field goal close, but still a high scoring affair. Joey Porter's been talking shite to meaningless tight ends all week, but this game is gonna be all about the run. Who can run and who can't. Oh and Heath Miller, big day buddy, big day. Seattle sucks against TEs.

It doesn't matter to me though, I'm still in a funk about the Colts not showing up in the biggest game since they've been in Indy. Edge said yesterday he doesn't expect to return, but that's not a suprise. Colts prez Bill Polian has been eluding to that since last season. Colts will likely draft Laurence Maroney from Minnesota to replace him, if you ask me.

Live Shows:
Man, MJ got us tickets to go see Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins down in Nashville on March 26th, but the bummer is Deadstring Brothers play here in Indy that weekend, so I'll have to miss them. I contacted Chandra and Leigh to tell them we would down to see them, so hopefully I get to hang with them for a few...and meet Jenny Lewis. We get to see some great friends while we're down there as well and that's always fun.

My man, Cary Brothers is coming back to Indy on March 8th with KT Tunstall, but that same night Metal Hearts is playing in Bloomington and I'd really like to see them. I hate double-bookings! argh. Let's see what else? I'll be seeing Matt Pond Pa and Dios Malos together here on February 18, two bands I've never seen live.

Thinking about going to Bonnaroo this year. I got a buddy who is a grizzled 4-year vet who's invited me to go along. Anyone else ever been? Secrets to survival and kick-ass good time?

This weekend, we're gonna head down to Bloomington to try and see Andrew Bird, the show is sold out, but we have an inside track on some tix thanks to Eric @ Marathon Packs. We're not sure if we'll get them, but keep you fingers crossed.

Beck remixes Lykke Li

Lykke Li’s latest single “Get Some” has all-stars coming out of the woodwork to remix it. Last week, Beastie Boy Mike D took a stab at it, and this week the mighty Beck recreates the song in his image. Two very different takes on the same bones. Which do you love besties?

MP3 : Lykke Li – Get Some

0:00 / 0:00DownloadRight-click and save as to download.
(Beck remix)


Lykke Li – Get Some (Mike D Remix)

Now, Now : Neighbors

Minneapolis poppers Now, Now Every Children have officially cast off the trappings of youth. To commemorate this symbolic rebirth, they’ve streamlined their moniker, and henceforth will only answer to Now, Now. They’ve also re-released the ultra-mega-rare Neighbors EP which turned brother against brother when it was originally released this past September. If you’re in or around the Twin Cities on Saturday, December 18th, and you’re curious what all the fuss is about, make a beeline for First Avenue, where Now, Now will be playing Motion City Soundtrack’s Popsickle 2010 along with Minus The Bear, Foxy Shazam, and a bunch of other folks.

Mylo - Destroy Rock and Roll

Hailed in the U.K. by NME and Q as "the saviour of dance music" and "whip-smart electronic eclecticism", Scottish producer/artist Mylo will cross the Atlantic, or at least his latest album will, and make his stateside debut with the innovative Destroy Rock Roll on Breastfed Records February 7th. This album is full of funky, body swaying, staccato hopping beats that are sure to get you moving. Drop The Pressure is probably my favorite track and I'm sure it sets some kind of record for number of f-bombs dropped in one song.

Stateside Dance and French House music has seen a rapid decline in popularity, at least in the midwest, but this is an album you can listen to from start to finish and find many tracks you'll enjoy. Mylo was forced to cancel his forthcoming tour dates in the U.S. due to a viral hearing condition.

Mylo (aka Myles Macinnes) is an Oxford educated and former BBC researcher from Scotland's Isle of Skye. This year has seen him remixing tracks for the likes of The Scissor Sisters, Sia, Kylie Minogue and The Killers.

Get a taste of Mylo's world with this E-Card. Stream 5 tracks here.

Mylo - Drop The Pressure
Mylo - Doctor Pressure
Mylo - In My Arms

There was a complaint or two about the amount of posters The Poster List has, but come on, gig posters for only $7!!! Are you kidding me?! Anyway, they have way more than 4 and I'm sure they'll be getting more in. When you sell for that low, you sell out fast! BUT...they are far from sold out, so go check out the still impressive collection of cheap and good gig posters.

Music News & The Rap Game...

Grandaddy calls it quits. In an interview with Pitchfork yesterday, frontman Jason Lytle revealed that Just Like the Fambly Cat, due out May 9 on V2, will be the last Grandaddy album, and that the band has no plans to tour.

Decemberists fans, myself included, can rejoice for a second time, as Colin Meloy's solo show at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia this Saturday, January 28, will be the latest webcast in's "All Songs Considered" program. Both Meloy's and opener Laura Veirs' sets will be streamed live in their entireties on starting around 7:30 PM EST Saturday, and will be available as a free mp3 download from the website's permanent archive starting Sunday, January 29.

Diddy Says 2006 Is The Year He'll Get Bad Boy Back On Track : Seriously Diddy, the game has passed you by. No one cares about the Notorious B.I.G. anymore. Do they? I don't. Actually, I know they do as Duets: The Final Chapter, is approaching platinum status and will be the first Bad Boy album to reach that million-plus plateau in some time, but seriously, it's time for something new. Diddy is a good guy, he does good things overall, but he and Bad Boy haven't been pertinent in the rap game for many years.

Via Spine Magazine, I like all these:
Speaking of rap, here's a preview of what to expect on Ghostface's forthcoming album Fishscale produced by MF Doom.

Ghostface - Charlie Brown

New single from Mobb Deep, taken from their forthcoming album Blood Money out in March.

Mobb Deep - Put 'Em In They Place

Finally, here's a new track from Tha Alkaholiks, produced by Dangermouse. Taken from their final album Firewater, out this week.

The Alkaholiks - Chaos

Cleaning out this week's mailbox...The Apparitions and more...

The good find of the bunch are local boys, which excites me...The Apparitions are from Lexington, KY and were they not, you might be hearing a lot more about them...which is exactly why you need to check them out.
The Apparitions - God Monkey Robot
The Apparitions - Electricity & Drums

Another one that was sent to me that I like was Wintergreen, a L.A. based pop/rock band that, based on this song at least, are making some high quality tunes. Left me wanting more.
Wintergreen - When I Wake Up - Watch The Video.

The Prix (pronounced The Pree).
The Prix - It's All in the Way that You Trip
The Prix - Sweet Blood Volcano

Fluxblog had some new Knife up for you fans out there.

New Neko Case...Neko Case - Star Witness from Chromewaves.
New Suburban Kids With Biblical Names......Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Noodles from Songs:Illinois or Swedesplease...both are worth visiting.

One of my favorite finds this week was Four Tet covering Black Sabbath's Iron Man...
Four Tet - Iron Man from Rock Insider via Marathon Packs.

CTASLS has Colin Meloy from his Shirley Collins cover album:
Colin Melloy - Turpin Hero
Colin Meloy - I Drew My Ship

...but YANP had my favorite that I've heard so far:
Colin Meloy - Charlie

Big news from The Raconteurs at The Modern Age. I got an achin' in my bones for this!

You know I like Goldspot, and my girl Liz Jones posted 3 tracks from an older now out of print EP they did called Beta.

The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff has three live radio performances from this week. The Elected, Rocky Votolato and The Go! Team from KCRW and KEXP.

More from the mailbags:
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Young Shields
Gregor Samsa - Young & Old
Ryan Smith - California
Ryan Smith - That Girl

Man, 15 songs in one post! You owe me an orange cream push-up popsicle.