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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks...and as a reward, The Arcade Fire EP

The Arcade Fire EP is over here at Open Dir. It's a zip file, so you'll have to unzip it, but it's worth it!

I want to give a special thanks out to Wendy, Elizabeth, Donald, Joel, Dave and Simon who were so incredibly generous and donated to the Lovely Wife's Team In Training Fund. We are still taking donantions. J.J. needs your help. He just turned 5 and is working hard with his doctors every day to beat this terrible disease. He needs all of our help. You can still help us here.. Thanks!

We are getting close to our goal. We will be having a big party the second week or so in April at which we will be auctioning and raffling off seven of Dodge's original oil paintings for the charity. It should be a great time. It will be here in Indianapolis. Entrance will be $10 or it will be included with the purchase of a $50 raffle ticket to enter you in the drawing for one of seven original paintings by Dodge. There may be more up for raffle as Dodge is checking with some of his local artist friends for donations. What an awesome chance to get original artwork for as low as $50! I mean, some of these are large paintings! Anyway, if you think you'll be in the area and want to come, email me for the details.

The date will probably be April 9th. Actually, I'm sure that will be the date. There will be wine, beer, great people, music and good eats. I will post the paintings and work that will be up for the raffle somewhere for view...I need to take care of that. Two paintings will be up for silent auction.

If I missed anyone who donated, I am so sorry (I don't think I did, but just in case). Please email me and let me know and I will correct it!


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