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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taco Kisses for The Kaiser Chiefs & Interpol

Chief DodgeI don't know, don't ask me...The Lovely Wife is always going around impersonating JLo from South Park. It really is quite hilarious, but you probably have to be there. Anyway, it's stuck in my head. "Taco kisses for my Ben..."

Today is an outstanding day in the middle of Indiana. Sunny and 75 degrees. I took the top off of my Jeep today and was crusin' like the big pimp that I wish I was on my lunch break. Stuck back here at work now and wishing I was out playing in the sunshine. Only a few more minutes to go though and I'm out. Dodge...OUT! Seacrest sucks...he's like Carson Daly squared.

Dodge, I want your man meat!I hate American Idol. Kelly Clarkson is like the only one ever with any ounce of talent crossed with any ounce of interest. I wish she'd pose in Playboy. I want to see her "nikid" (KY speak for naked). I wonder what her boobies look like. hmmmm... Clay is a funny one, but only because he's that total religious guy that is really gay and if he ever came out it would be hell to pay. I know one of those guys actually. He's so gay, but will live his life in misery simply because he's too scared to tell Pops. Get it over with and sooner or later everyone will get over it...geez. Has anyone who reads this ever tried out for Idol? Please tell me about it!

Anyway, let's get to some music. All 3 parts are available, but I can't tell you where. I will give you the first part of the album though because most of these songs are circulating anyway. Email me and I'll tell you the rest if you can't figure it out by yourself...maybe. Clue: They are at a site I have linked to recently. Anyway, Kaiser Chiefs are on Letterman tonight, so check that out. Here's the first 3rd of their album Employment. If you've never used rapidshare, go down to the bottom of the page that appears, click Free. It will take you to another page where you will be instructed to wait a certain amount of seconds..The the link appears. It will download in a zip file.

Chief DodgeAlso, here's some more Interpol from their first album Turn On The Bright Lights:

Interpol - Obstacle 1
Interpol - Hands Away
Interpol - Roland

If you're fast and wiley, you can figure out where the rest of this album is too.


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