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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pete Yorn

Pete Yorn is kind of an unappreciated guy these days. He looked destined for stardom after his release of Musicforthemorningafter, but sort of fell off the face of the planet not long afterwards. He toured, I saw him, was more impressed by the Detroit City Cobras and kind of forgot about him. Musicforthemorningafter was a good album though. I used to listen to it over and and over for a while there. He followed it up with Day i Forgot, but the it was more like the album I forgot. I just didn't have the same level of excitement. Anyway, he's good so hopefully he'll come strong with some new stuff soon. He's touring and put out a live album as well as having been on quite a few compilations and tributes since, so he's staying busy.

Pete Yorn - Life On A Chain
Pete Yorn - Strange Condition
Pete Yorn - Closet
Pete Yorn - For Nancy


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