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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

October Guard

Credit for this band goes to the good ears of MOKB reader Vinay, who shares with us Toronto band, October Guard. It's a three-man-band, made up of Brett Clarkson on guitar, Michael McGrath on drums and Randall Roland Savoy on vocals and bass guitar. They have a solid art-school post-punk sound in the vein of Bloc Party and Gang Of Four with a dash of Joy Divison moodiness.

Their latest release is still only available at their shows, but should be released soon according to their website. Sooner Or Later is very Bloc Party-esque with some great guitar riffs. October Guard's MySpace.

Like a happier, faster Interpol with a touch of Franz sass (notably on "Takes It All"), October Guard offers urgent bass grooves, crisp Edge-y guitars and guest vocalist Lexi Valentine of Magneta Lane on the pretty, echoing "Star Song." Moody but mope-free. - Liisa Ladouceur

Download all three of these and I guarantee you'll thank me and Vinay later. - Dodge

October Guard - Sooner Or Later (highly rec'd)
October Guard - Star Song (Haowissa)
October Guard - Nightmare Patrol


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