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Monday, December 13, 2010

The O.C. and more...

So Rachael Yamagata will be the next musical guest on The O.C.. They've even redesigned her home page to look like the O.C.'s! Rachael obviously loves the O.C. too.

So, what's gonna happen?! Will Alex and Marissa get nasty lesexy? Will Seth and Summer rekindle the flames of passion? Will Sandy hump with his broke-ass old ex? NO! Nothing of the sort! Sandy will stay cool and remember the hot piece he has at home. Seth will botch it up as usual. Alex and Marissa will continue the awkward glances and saucy innuendo. Ryan will give Caleb (on a related note, Dodge liked the idea of naming his first son Caleb, but now what am i gonna do!? damn him!) a heart attack and the family and community will rally together to give the old rat-bastard love and support and help him pull through! Eh...I don't care...I just love it. I just love Alex really, but whatever. So, seriously, can those three stooges talk any more about comic books? I mean I love comic books, but they are really getting a little obsessive dungeons and dragons with all of it. Hey, go play sports you jackasses. You live on the beach for jeesy sakes. Go play beach volleyball and give the knuckleheads an excuse to put the ladies in skimpies please. Oh, and I agree, will someone please send Lindsey away to Harvard or Yale soon please! Oh, and furthermore, isn't that image that poster made of Ryan and Seth as "Best Friends" just precious! Makes me warm and...BARF!!!

Anyway, tune in. Rachael Yamagata is so not the next Fiona Apple by the way...she'll need a lot more drugs for that...and since Rachael gets no love from Dodge... Here are two of Fiona's new songs off her never-to-be-released upcoming album. Here is some older Fiona in this directory.

I've been a bad bad girl...


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