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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Friends, UK Wildcats & Tegan & Sara covers...

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Sooo...I don't really talk about it much, but Dodge is a HUUUUGE University of Kentucky basketball fan. HUGE. It's been a rough past 8 days as the Cats have lost twice to Florida, a team they have dominated in recent years.

The good news? The Cats got a 2 seed and play their first round of the NCAA Tournament here in Indianapolis. Will Dodge be there? If he has to sell his kidney. Star freshman, Rajon Rondo went to Dodge's high school in Louisville, so Dodge feels even more connected this season. Actually, I don't know if that is possible...I am such a super-fan-wannabe for The Cats it borders on spazzafantastic.

Papa Dodge says he will use some of his "connections" to get us some tickets. We'll see if the old man still has it! Opening day is St. Patty's Day though which is a real bummer because that is like my 2nd official holiday other than The Kentucky Derby. This will be a great way to spend it, but I usually like to spend it in a drunken haze with the lovely wife and tons of friends. I'll just have to meet everyone out at the tent parties after the games. The city should be rocking that night with it being St. Patty's and all the people being in town.

University of Louisville got jobbed royally by getting a 4 seed and a match-up with Georgia Tech in the second round. They deserved much better.

Totally unrelated, but MOKB is a music blog, so...

Tegan & Sara - I Ran So Far Away (Flock Of Seagulls Cover)

Tegan & Sara - When You Were Mine (Cover)

Tegan & Sara - Rebel Rebel (Sample - David Bowie Cover) - I'd like the whole version of this.

Oh yeah, I freaking love this song: The Decemberists - Engine Driver


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