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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MJ's Pick Of The Week : Sky Larkin

We're going to start a new feature that may last one week or it may keep going...we'll see about her devotion. We're not gonna pick a day. It may come early in the week or it may come late...or it may not come at all. The Lovely Wife, MJ, is picking Sky Larkin as her band of the week.

Sky Larkin are a Leeds based trio who cite Sleater Kinney, At The Drive In, DFA 1979 and The Pixies as influences. They bring a a heavy mix of crashing cymbals, heartfelt lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. Sky Larkin's MySpace

Sky Larkin - Traits and Traitors
Sky Larkin - Somersaults (notes!)
Sky Larkin - Rolling Pin


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