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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Luck O' The Irish

Ahh, what a good morning! Dodge got pulled over on the way into work today by the Popos.

The Popo: You going to work?
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir
The Popo: You live around here?
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir
The Popo: You know you were going 55 in a 40?
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir
The Popo: You have your license and registration?
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir (hands to The Popo)
The Popo: Sit Tight
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir
The Popo: (comes back from car) I'm gonna let you go with a warning, slow down.
Dodge: (very respectfully) Yes, Sir, Thank You Sir.

Lesson: Don't say shizzle to the Popos unless it's really nice and respectful like.

C-A-T-S..CATS CATS CATS!So, that was sweet. Thanks Mista Popo. Not only that, my beloved Kentucky Wildcats scrapped and clawed their way past Cincinnati this past weekend here in 'Naptown. Dodge, The Lovely Wife, Dodge's older brother and 2 friends went to the games this weekend. It was loads of fun. That Illinois team looks tough, but I think the Cats could take them. Well, maybe.

My bracket is toast. I usually enter a lot of pools, but only did one this year...Thank God. I was picking Wake Forest to play UNC in the Final, but that got waxed this past weekend. It has been an upset crazy NCAAs this year. I love that though, I don't care that I threw away my money. The tournament is so much better when the little guys are shining and showing the powerhouses that they can play too. I live for the day some 12 seed takes it all the way home.

Here are five Kasabian tracks.
Stephan Malkmus - The Hook
Stephan Malkmus & The Jicks - (Do Not Feed The) Oyster
Doves - Words
Aesop Rock - Freeze
Saint Etienne - Downey, CA
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Meet Me by the Water
Saturday Looks Good To Me - The Girl's Distracted

Listening to: The Prayers & Tears Of Arthur Digby Sellers - The Mother Of Love Emulates The Shapes Of Cynthia (Review to come On Heraclitus Sayz)

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
- Concerning Lessons Learned From The Aliens

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
- Cannot Eat Better Not Sleep

Hey, last, but certainly not least, check out: Take Your Medicine. He has an unreleased Bloc Party track. It's also a great blog name.