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Monday, December 13, 2010

Link this...

So, i figured since i haven't figured out how to put a list of links in the side nav, I'll make a list for my next post.

Six Eyes is a great site, lots of great music and background great indie bands.

Totally Fuzzy is always fresh.

Scenestar is my favorite, those guys have put together an awsome mp3 blog...nice work cool kids.


Rock Snob is always up on the latest and loved the Libertines like me...RIP Libertines.

Lindseyism's Highdeas are always making me laugh.

Brian's Radio Blog always has great music.

The MP3 Blog Aggregator is up and down, but you can visit tons of great MP3 Blogs from it.

That's enough for now, those are the one's i hit on a daily basis. My weekend was low-key, wanted to go to an art opening downtown, but the wife put the kabosh on that - I'll have to drop by the gallery later this week to see it. This was the show. Hung out with the wife and some friends downtown and drank too much. Tried to hit the hard stuff and learned, once again, that i am not in college anymore. What a puss. Home improvement projects consumed Sunday after I watched the Colts thrash the Broncos. Sweeeet. UK lost to Kansas which was a major bummer to follow it up, but they're young and we'll be in good shape come tournament time. WORD!


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