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Monday, December 13, 2010

Jeezy Creezy...

I don't know if I have laughed this hard at such nonsense in a long time. Bust a gut at this. (Via Ultragrrrl but I found it through my sweet Canadian love monkey...Rock Snob!!!) I used to be her blog boyfriend, but she's too cool for me these days. Nora likes me now...

ok, not really...I leave her comments all the time, but she doesn't even come visit. Of course, you ungrateful bastiches have to be begged to leave me comments as well. A LITTLE AFFECTION!!! THAT'S ALL I ASK. I'm a needy beeeyatch...just tell me you love don't have to mean it. *sob* hold me.

I mean seriously, I ask for your shameful addictions in the You Got Served post, which was glorious in it's own right, and I GET NOTHING! Is Lil' Kim Hot or Not? NOTHING!

Bastards...go to your rooms, you get nothing from me for the rest of the day.
I'm just kidding, I love you all