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Monday, December 13, 2010

Indulge me...

So, I've given you enough music for one day. Let me introduce you to Rajon Rondo...he went to Dodge's high school in Louisville. I'd talk about my University, Evansville, if we ever had any good players and ever made the NCAAs, but we haven't really since Marcus Wilson...I know, who? Anyway, you may remember UE, we used to be the only school in the nation that wore sleeves on their uniforms. Bastards went and conformed and got rid of those too!

Anyway, here's super-frosh, Rondo

Dodge, I'm actually your number one fan!Oh and for those of you who don't's UK's number one fan: Ashley Judd. We made out at the game this past Saturday. Er...ok, so maybe not, but I thought about it. I hope my Lovely Wife did too. MMMMM...