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Monday, December 13, 2010

Goddamn You O.C.!! You bastard!

Mutha f'ing O.C. last night pissed me off. Why? Sandy. Damn you Sandy!! Why?!! She's a freaking hose-beast, Sandy, and Kiki is such a stone-cold fox! What are you doing!?! Not to mention Kiki is like the coolest wife on the planet. Damn him.

Ok, well "lesexy action" on the O.C. beach was last night with Alex and Marissa giving each other the kissy kissy action...last thing on the show of always is. Marissa is a bad kisser, I can just see it. Alex however, man, whatta sexy little monkey. Seth botched the comic book deal, Summer is hot, but becoming more and more uninteresting. Ryan went all Color of Money on Caleb's ass, but the bad news is that he and crappy ol' Lindsay as still going be together. Rats! It's not like Ryan has even seen the Color of Money...he's like 16 and grew up in Chino, right? Whatever. Of course the O.C. message boards are blowing up with kids all over taking a stance for and against gays/bi/experimenting teens on TV. Angry mommas are even writing in.

One of the little homies said it best: "I'm glad we live in such an enlightened society. What's so bad about having a lesbian couple? They do exist in real life, you know. And I thought they were fairly tasteful about how it occured. Wipe the angry specks of spit off your monitor and learn to accept that gay people care about each other and have relationships just like straight people do."

Any publicity is good publicity.

Oy! Here are two Bright Eyes albums because Dodge gives ya whatcha like baby.


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