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Monday, December 13, 2010

Face Parade

So, on a request, I checked out Face Parade today. Face Parade is a young indie band, formed at Sarah Lawrence College in New York just under a year ago, but they have a sound that is maturing rapidly. Their progress from their early efforts to their current demo is more than evident and quite impressive. Castle (Green To Black) is their strongest effort available on their website, but Backfire on The Desert Shot and At The Door are strong tracks as well. I think this band is obviously still searching for "their" sound, but I hope they continue on this progression because you will be hearing much more about them very soon if they do.

Face Parade's musical influences include Modest Mouse, Velvet Underground, Pavement, Broken Social Scene, The Strokes and Sonic Youth.

As an added bonus: Another track off the "never-to-be-released" Fiona Apple album: Fiona Apple - Used To Love. Much thanks and love to Fluxblog.

EDIT: DOUBLE SUPER BONUS: Get a bunch more tracks from the album here.


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