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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cover yo ass!

Cover songs, it seems, are either great or they are terrible. It's always interesting to see what songs certain groups cover. It's always a gem when a band you really loves covers a song you really love. Of course, the other thing that happens is when a band you really love covers a song you hate or don't know...this can sometimes be cool. Oooor a band you don't like or never heard of covers a song you love. This can also sometimes be cool. Really, it's only not cool when a band you hate covers a song you hate...that is always not cool. Anyway, Copy, Right? specializes in band covers. What a great idea! Nice work, cool kid. This week there is a cover by The Killers, one of the hot bands of 2004.

The Killer's album, "Hot Fuss", was a real winner. "All These Things That I've Done" is by far my favorite song on the album. Get some of The Killers here.

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