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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Between Thought and Expression: iPod DJ Mixer

I'm no DJ, sometimes I wish I was...It looks fun and I think I'd rock the house if anybody here in Indiana listened to much more than the crap spewing out of the local teeny-pop or easy-rock radio station. Seriously, don't get me started...ok, I'm started. Radio in Indianapolis is totally the hellspawn of all that is Michael Bolton and Samatha Mumbo. It's the worst. The stations that try to pretend they are indie or cutting edge or anything more than a John Mellancamp, System of A Down or Green Day recycle bin are so full of it. The promotion of shows is terrible unless it's in the Dave Matthews, Jimmy Buffet or Aerosmith genres (who are all great live, but please some variety!) Seriously, the local high school's station is the closest thing to hearing anything new or different - and I give props to those kids...holla! Anyway, It's sad. Now, there is a little bit of a scene, but you gotta work for it! It just shouldn't be like that. This is a pretty big city and there are 2 colleges and good venues. I know I'm just complaining, so I'll move on...

iPod DJ Mixer

Back to my original point: This new iPod DJ Mixer is sweet...I want one. Of course, I'd only use it at the parties the Lovely and I have...speaking of which...Thanks to all who came out to last weekends. It was fun and we made enough to cover the Lovely's L&L Society pledge, which was the goal. Ah, off track again...

Find out more about the iPod DJ Mixer at: Between thought and expression: iPod DJ mixer


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