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Monday, December 13, 2010


I can only aspire to one day win a Bloggie. There are some great blogs nominated, so check them out.

Speaking of aspirations, my boy J-bobo passed his professional engineering exam...he got word today. I guess after 4 years in the engineering biz you take a test to become a pro. That would suck. It kicks arse that he kicked that test's arse though. Nice work and congrats J-bobo! We will drink scotch and eat kabobs tonight to celebrate!

On to the purpose and direction of this blog:

Well, not to be too much of a dick, but these guys had aspirations too...they had a little project and I believe they failed. Failed miserably. Sorry bros, that's not going to get you laid. Try again. You guys may like some of the songs though, so check it out.

I look to you to see the truth!


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